What live's in the Elemental Forrest???

This Blog will infom you about the seven clans that live within the Elemental Forrest. There are many other critters that also live with the Dragons called Elemental Buddies. I have many up for adoption at:



and check out all my photos at:


I am going to try and become a good little blogger and will start to list what new dragons and critters I have and some about how I made them......I hope you enjoy and I love feedback (the good and the ugly only!! OK the bad too)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Re-listed Dragons NEEDING HOMES!!!

I have had to re-list 3 of my dragons on etsy this weekend so I figured I would use this opportunity to plead their cases.......

First is Knitcell of the Sky Clan He is an original Elemental dragon and is unusual for I really don't make many dark colored dragons (people don't seem to like them as much) so poor little Knittcell is just sitting around with a sad look on his face waiting for a home.....

Second is Tussle of the Gems Clan She is also one of the original Dragons. I am very surprised that she is still with me. She is a lovely purple swirled color and as one of my favorite set of wings (my favorite colors - a purplish/blueish hue). Tussle does have a "grumpy" look to her face but I think she would loosen up once she finds a home :)

Last but not least is Dudlee of the Earth Clan.....OH Dudlee he has such a sweet dorky look to his face. He is made of very earthy colors and he likes to hide and blend in to his surrounding........I have lost him a few times, but he is such a loving dragon he also comes home for some loveies.....

Well that is my case for these three, hopefully someone out there will open up their home to a sweet little dragon :) and if you purchase one of these dragons and mention that you read this blog in the notes I will refund you 25% off the purchase price.......

I have many new faces and played alot with the alcohol inks in the last couple of days so that will probably be my next blog hope you tune in and follow my findings!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alcohol Ink Guy......

I hope you all had a drier Memorial Day than Colorado did........all rain!
I am sorry it has been some time since my last post, no excuse, just being lazy :)
But I have been playing with Alcohol Inks in the last couple of days (the last Polymer Cafe has help with getting this going again). This is my first attempt.....I like him (I do my own faces, without moulds).
I tried to control the ink and where the colors go. This was mistake number one when working with the alcohol inks, they go where they want to go :) But I did find out that they are somewhat forgiving in that using a watercolor fill able pen and (I filled it with alcohol) and a fine mist sprayer with alcohol is also very handy, you can control it somewhat and you can remove most of it with alcohol and paper towel if you need to. The ink will work into the crevasses and stain some there, but for the most part you can remove it from your baked clay. In Polymer Cafe they liked using it on warm from the oven clay, I don't have the time (kids kinda ruin that part) so he was colored on cooled clay. It was stated that the colors come out totally different on warm clay???
I have also antiqued this little guy with a brown color. I am not sure what I am going to do with him, pin or magnet?? I have not sealed him yet, but thinking that alcohol will totally wash the color off, I will assume that a good sealant is needed.
I am very HAPPY with what I created and I think the possibilities are just opening up........
(if you didn't know, they are 24 NEW colors of alcohol inks :)
Maybe a Rainbow Drip Dragon...........
THANKS and until next time!

To keep me on my toes in my blog I would like to add:
If you catch me not blogging for 1 week (with out some notice and or a very good reason) I will offer the first one to tell me and free dragon of your choice or the PDF's to make a dragon of your own!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ginz of the Water Clan - DREAM GUARDIAN


DREAM GUARDIANS are a newly discovered group of dragons. They have been around for 100's of years learning and preparing to become dream guardians. They carry a tiny bottle which has a small paper in it. The owner of a dream guardian then writes (if you are unable to write on it, it is said that if you stare at the paper and think of your dream it will magically be transfer ed into the fibers of the paper) a dream on the paper, doesn't have to be for the owner, can be for anyone! Your Dream Guardian Dragon will then take you dream to the place that dreams go......

These little dragons are the made the same way as my original dragons, but in theory, they are much older and carry a glass bottle with them instead of a staff.

Ginz was a trial dragon with a new glitter called "sugar" I wasn't sure if it would melt or bleed it's color in the clay. Well it turns out, it looks just like regular glitter mixed in clay :) Ginz is a very cute light blue pearl color with pink scales and ears, I have sprinkled blue fairy dust (aka: pearl-ex) on her scales and ears...not sure if I like the look this way, I think I need to be more precise in where I put my pearl-ex otherwise it kinda just looks messy...

Ginz is for sell on ETSY if she is calling to come live in your home :)

Thanks for reading!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angelica of the Sky Clan

I re-listed a little girl today, and to tell you the truth I am amazed that she didn't sell....

Usually the light colored (angelic) looking dragons find home quickly :(

Hopefully this time around: Angelica is actually more of a light light peach color. My camera likes to play with colors and it drives me nuts (any suggestions??) I try different lighting and different backgrounds and it doesn't seem to help.
Anyways this little one is up on etsy right now, waiting for a home for which she can bring some smiles to :)
Sorry no new critters, I have been baking banana bread ALL day, for I have heard that the Elemental Forrest likes banana bread (maybe it's the nuts)......so we shall see what happens!
Happy Claying to all!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Married...and three DRAGONS

Sorry that I have not listed for a couple of days....I got married!! After a 15 year courtship (and 2 kids) I am now an Anderson :)

I have listed two new dragons today Duggle of the Forrest Clan and Mixxi of the Gems Clan (aka: Scrappy)! I made Mixxi by mixing together all of my scrap clay (see the play on words there - scrap and mix - he he sneaky huh??) and Mixxi is not holding anything which is odd for me, but I was thinking that Mixxi had enough self-confidence in herself that she didn't need to hold anything....

As for Duggle...he is more my basic dragon except he found a golden seed pod to hold and his ears and scales are made using frost premo again (I kinda like it better here).

So both of these little ones are up for adoption: Duggle is at Artfire and Mixxi is at ETSY! I also re-listed a sweet little guy Fleck on etsy - he is a wonderful little dragon made with golden foil flecks....very cool!!

THANKS for reading!!
Angela ANDERSON!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gallett of the Gems Clan

Today I re-listed Gallett of the Gems Clan, she is a sweet older dragon who has seen much in her life. She does have a few battle scars, but with life comes wisdom and Gallett is full of that. I also walked about my neighborhood today looking for new rocks for which called out to me to become pebbleonians (the listeners of the Forrest) even thou these didn't seem to sell very well, everyone who saw them just had to laugh, so wanting to spread some more laughter in this world.....I think I will make some more of them :)

If you like Gallett and want to give her a nice safe place to live out the last hundred or so years of her dragon life, she is listed on my etsy site http://www.elementaldragons.etsy.com/

THANKS for reading!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Creative Self

Well I know that I said I would look around the Forrest for new critters but when the kids went to bed earlier last night, I sat there for a moment and decided I would read (something I have been foreign to for sometime now - how old are the kids??)

I have this book that I bought "Celebrate your Creative Self" by Mary Todd Beam and if you are at all interested in doing multi-media paintings (mainly acrylic paint - but some others also) this is a wonderful book. She leads you thru many different area in which to find out what it is you might want to do (giving you exercises to do - if you want to) find "your" color or symbol that talks to you and how to use it in your art. Wonderful photos of her work and her students to help the gerbils in your brain start running.........

Now I will say I am no where near being a painter, I wish to be, so reading this book from front to back was very creatively stimulating!! I try not to vary to much from the clay world, maybe I will try to do a painting on clay....never know tell you try!!

The Forrest is still calling to me, maybe critters will get tired of waiting and come and visit me....... :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Twink of the Gems Clan

Look a second blog (yippee).....

This little gal is Twink of the Gems Clan. She was also an experiment for I started to use a new kind of clay, called Pardo. It is a much softer clay but the colors are very metallic and very brilliant. I found that Pardo alone is not great for sculpting so here I mixed them together and it came out nice (I think). I also used alittle purple pearl-ex powder all over her, I am not so sure that just "splatting" it on is the best way, she almost as a shimmer dirty look to it. But Twink pulls it off very well :)

I am also varying what my dragons are holding on to, normally they have a staff with a crystal.....lately I have done flowers, teddy bears, stones and Twink here has found a butterfly friend. So any suggestions or custom requests are much welcomed on this subject......

To learn more about Pardo clay please check out: http://www.polyclayplay.com/

It is an all over GREAT web-site and Trish is making it better and bigger every day (GO TRISH!!)

Well is you want to give Twink a home she is on my artfire store: http://www.elementaldragons.artfire.com/

THANKS for reading and I think tonight I will take a walk in the Forrest and see if any different critters pop up!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clove of the Sky Clan

As some of you know normally I am not much of a blogger......

but I am going to try to make this a daily thing now :)

I have many many dragons that I have made and as much as I love them I will not go into them in this blog, but feel free to check them out on my flickr site under the dragon folder : http://www.flickr.com/photos/elementaldragons/

I will try to go into a new dragon and or technique that I have/tried and tell you about it....

so here goes!

I made a few new dragons today but one that really stands out is Clove of the Sky Clan. I actually made Clove by adding real herbs to the clay before baking and it did some unusual things in the oven. I was thinking that the herbs color might run (actually that might have been cool) but instead the herbs expanded and cracked some of the clay, not to the point of breaking but just pushed it around - in the words of House "interesting". There is this one that is right under his eye, before baking made him look like the cute puppy dog with the spot on his eye, then it puffed out and now he looks like he will have trouble seeing, almost looks annoying for him. Clove was also my first attempt at using Frost Premo Clay (I heard it was more translucent than translucent) I see a slight difference in the clarity, if I didn't mixed it with white, it might have been better :)

Well anyways Clove is up for adoption at http://www.elementaldragons.etsy.com/ if you want to give this old-timer a home :)

Thanks for reading my first "REAL" blog and hopefully I will have many more for you....

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY if it applies!!

The Seven Clans

Forrest Clan
They are known to be laid back but territorial of their Forrest. They have developed a game like tag, which they enjoy playing alot. When not playing they will sit in the trees and just watch everything else that is going on around them.

Water Clan
They are known to be playful and very intelligent although they like to pull pranks on the other clans. The Water Clan loves to play with all of the other clans although the Fire Clan does not like them much. Ironically most of the Water Clan can't swim very well.

Earth Clan
They are known to be a wise, kind and caring clan. Earth Dragons will do anything to help any other creature. They are one of the oldest clans and have the name "The Healers".

Fire Clan
They are known as the "Bad Boys" of the clans. Fire Clan likes to push the limits and does not like to take advice from any other dragons. They are known trouble makers.

Sky Clan
They are known to have a in-charge personality and have been labeled as snobbish. They like to float around with an "I don't care" attitude. They do seem to be a kind clan when needed, although they tend to only hang out with other Sky Clan.

Celestial Clan
They are a very majestic clan and they are the oldest clan known. They are said to have mystical powers. The Celestial Clan are mentors to all other clans but they have trouble with the Fire Clan.

Gems Clan
Not much is known about them for they are a mysterious and shy clan. They will hide from any who come near, although they seem to be very friendly. There is a myth that anyone that comes upon one will be granted the "Luck of the Dragon"

Elemental Buddies

Elemental Buddies are little creatures that live within the Forrest with the Dragons. Sometimes they are what we would consider as normal animals (such as turtle, lizards, birds, etc.) and sometimes they are exotic and unusual creatures. They all have their own story and they are all still Elemental!!

**What ELSE lives in the forrest???

**PEBBLEONIANs...They are the "listeners" of the Elemental Forrest. Only the best of the best little pebbles are choosen to grow into a Pebbleonian. They live along the mountain range on the edge of the Forrest, and it is said that when any Elemental Forrest critters needs a friend just to listen to them, they would travel to the Pebbleonians. They are old (in human terms) and very wise, but they don't have much to say, they just listen.

**CHERPELLs...A small bird like critter with a very long feather tail (at least it is long for their body size). They have a small golden pad like foot that they can hop with.

**TROLLGONs...Trollish dragonish like critters that enjoy just curling around a tree (although they do OK in the cages also) and just watching what you are doing.

**SNETTLEs...Very small snail like creatures, who make very good pets (for children and adults - great at work). They are easy to care for a little food, water and love and they are good to go. They very much just want a home.

**BOOBALINGs...Small crab like critters that enjoy crawling around, they do need to be caged or you may never see them again. Very curious little ones.

**TRUPHELLs....These exotic little creatures boing about the forrest floor following their snout in search of delicious morsels. They don't seem to be the smartest or most graceful of critters, but they are very amusing to sit around and watch.

**TWEERBs....These happy little turtle like creatures are slow moving, kinda clumsy critters. Who like to hang out in groups for they are very social.Tweerbs make great friends with any other Elemental Buddies.

**MUD HEADs... is the original dwellers of the forrest. They were stumbled upon not to long ago, so not much is known about the tribe. Information will be giving as it is discovered.