What live's in the Elemental Forrest???

This Blog will infom you about the seven clans that live within the Elemental Forrest. There are many other critters that also live with the Dragons called Elemental Buddies. I have many up for adoption at:



and check out all my photos at:


I am going to try and become a good little blogger and will start to list what new dragons and critters I have and some about how I made them......I hope you enjoy and I love feedback (the good and the ugly only!! OK the bad too)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Challenge Entry.....

This is my PCAGOE Mixed Media Challenge entry....... I used every thing but the kitchen sink :)

I have 3 layers of clay, wire, paint, texturizer, faux grass, peacock feathers, coffee grounds, a seed pod and a little metal snail :) It is set up to be a wall hanging.

PLEASE go and vote for me (or someone else if you think they did better - not) at

http://www.pcagoe.com/ anytime after the 1st!! Close up!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something new....

OK I have been saying for some time now that I will have something new for you.....Well...again not what I was planning but I want to share!

My daughter Ariana has started to make recycled plain notebooks to raise money for charities. Any other art work she comes up with also be posted. So I opened a store for her on etsy PLEASE go and check it out :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not more Tweerbs......

I will start off by saying that I will no longer keep ElementalForrest on etsy running.....all the critters will be moving back to the Forrest with the Dragons at http://www.elementaldragons.etsy.com/

It was to hard to keep two store going and nobody was going to the new one, I have such a great following on my Dragons site that I figured it was all the better :)

As for the Tweerbs:
I have been having so much fun making this funny (OK stupidish) looking critters that I have two more coming. The scary thing is that I think they have been talking and then they both turned and ran away as fast as a Tweerb can move......I caught it all with photos..... Go Tweerb Go!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


These little critters are one of my favorites....
They have such a dopey look to them that I can't help but laugh every time I make one (I know that bad of me).

Look at my dog, GOZER, and you will know that is the kind of things I like!!
HE HE HE!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


As stated in my last blog, I opened a new etsy store for all of the Elemental Critters that live in the forrest with my dragons.......

Well, I made some Cherpells


Please go and read all about them on http://www.elementalforrest.etsy.com/


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Elemental Forrest

Well I told you I would have something new.....this probably isn't what you expected (and it isn't what I thought it would be either) but I have made a NEW etsy store for just my Elemental Critters http://www.elementalforrest.esty.com/ it is still under construction, but very soon all of my critters will live here and my dragons will be on their own original site!
Feel free to good and check it out (any suggestions/comments are very welcome).
I am working on something totally out of my ball park and hopefully within a couple of days I can show you something totally new (or a total mess up)!
HAPPY and SAFE 4th!!

The Seven Clans

Forrest Clan
They are known to be laid back but territorial of their Forrest. They have developed a game like tag, which they enjoy playing alot. When not playing they will sit in the trees and just watch everything else that is going on around them.

Water Clan
They are known to be playful and very intelligent although they like to pull pranks on the other clans. The Water Clan loves to play with all of the other clans although the Fire Clan does not like them much. Ironically most of the Water Clan can't swim very well.

Earth Clan
They are known to be a wise, kind and caring clan. Earth Dragons will do anything to help any other creature. They are one of the oldest clans and have the name "The Healers".

Fire Clan
They are known as the "Bad Boys" of the clans. Fire Clan likes to push the limits and does not like to take advice from any other dragons. They are known trouble makers.

Sky Clan
They are known to have a in-charge personality and have been labeled as snobbish. They like to float around with an "I don't care" attitude. They do seem to be a kind clan when needed, although they tend to only hang out with other Sky Clan.

Celestial Clan
They are a very majestic clan and they are the oldest clan known. They are said to have mystical powers. The Celestial Clan are mentors to all other clans but they have trouble with the Fire Clan.

Gems Clan
Not much is known about them for they are a mysterious and shy clan. They will hide from any who come near, although they seem to be very friendly. There is a myth that anyone that comes upon one will be granted the "Luck of the Dragon"

Elemental Buddies

Elemental Buddies are little creatures that live within the Forrest with the Dragons. Sometimes they are what we would consider as normal animals (such as turtle, lizards, birds, etc.) and sometimes they are exotic and unusual creatures. They all have their own story and they are all still Elemental!!

**What ELSE lives in the forrest???

**PEBBLEONIANs...They are the "listeners" of the Elemental Forrest. Only the best of the best little pebbles are choosen to grow into a Pebbleonian. They live along the mountain range on the edge of the Forrest, and it is said that when any Elemental Forrest critters needs a friend just to listen to them, they would travel to the Pebbleonians. They are old (in human terms) and very wise, but they don't have much to say, they just listen.

**CHERPELLs...A small bird like critter with a very long feather tail (at least it is long for their body size). They have a small golden pad like foot that they can hop with.

**TROLLGONs...Trollish dragonish like critters that enjoy just curling around a tree (although they do OK in the cages also) and just watching what you are doing.

**SNETTLEs...Very small snail like creatures, who make very good pets (for children and adults - great at work). They are easy to care for a little food, water and love and they are good to go. They very much just want a home.

**BOOBALINGs...Small crab like critters that enjoy crawling around, they do need to be caged or you may never see them again. Very curious little ones.

**TRUPHELLs....These exotic little creatures boing about the forrest floor following their snout in search of delicious morsels. They don't seem to be the smartest or most graceful of critters, but they are very amusing to sit around and watch.

**TWEERBs....These happy little turtle like creatures are slow moving, kinda clumsy critters. Who like to hang out in groups for they are very social.Tweerbs make great friends with any other Elemental Buddies.

**MUD HEADs... is the original dwellers of the forrest. They were stumbled upon not to long ago, so not much is known about the tribe. Information will be giving as it is discovered.